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Congress as a whole is beginning to focus on encryption in the 1997 legislative year - bills introduced in Congress in both House and Senate to improve availability of privacy and security for the net are gaining support.

You're help is needed to support the reform of encryption legislation!

Petition Statement

    The Information Revolution is being held hostage by an outdated, Cold War-era U.S. encryption policy.

    Current U.S. export controls and other initiatives are slowing the widespread availability of strong encryption products, endangering the privacy and security of electronic communications, harming the competitiveness of U.S. businesses, and threatening the future of electronic commerce and the growth of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII).

    We the undersigned Internet users and concerned citizens strongly support Congressional efforts to address this critical issue. Bills are currently pending in both Houses of Congress which would:

    • Relax export controls on encryption technology;
    • Prohibit the government from imposing "Key Escrow" solutions domestically; and
    • Recognize the importance of privacy and security for the future of electronic commerce, individual liberty, and the success of the Internet.

    We urge Congress to act NOW to enact a U.S. encryption policy that promotes electronic privacy and security.


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Some organizations that have signed on

The following is a partial list of additional organizations and notable individuals that have signed the petition.

Privacy Policy

The information you enter will be added to a petition that will be given to U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) in hardcopy format when the Senate Commerce Committee begins to debate and markup S.1726.

The electronic copy of the petition will not be distributed. If you select any of the buttons above to be contacted in the future, you will be added to the associated mailing lists, whose membership is never published.

Further questions about this policy should be directed to [email protected].

Press contact information

Feel free to contact the folks from the organizations above, or simply contact:
  • Jonah Seiger, CDT +1.202.637.9800 (office)
  • Shabbir J. Safdar, VTW +1.917.978.8430 (beeper)

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