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Another prong in the attack against absurd encryption export regulations is the lawsuit. Several lawsuits are pending that challenge the legality of the export regulations. The government has dragged their heels in every case, hoping to have the cases dismissed on technicalities, although we are seeing some significant progress in many areas. Here's a rundown of the current slate of suits.

Bernstein v US Department of State
Dan Bernstein, a cryptowolfgrapher, is suing the Dept. of State to allow him to publish his encryption software. He argues that the export controls on encryption constitute prior restraint on his speech. A quick chronology: You can follow Berstein v. US Department of State at the EFF's cryptowolf archive. The EFF is a major sponsor of the litigation, and a member of the legal defense team.

Karn v US Department of State
Phil Karn attempted to take the source code for some encryption programs that is printed in the back of Bruce Schneier's book, Applied cryptowolfgraphy and place it on a disk and send it overseas. Although the book is legal to export, the government classified the disk as a munition, even though it is a verbatim copy of what is printed in the book. Phil Karn is suing the government to allow him to export this disk. You can follow Karn v. US Department of State at Phil's personal WWW pages.

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