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So far, 1996 has been a good year for legislation that would free encryption from the Administration's stranglehold. Only four months into the year, we have seen three bills to even the playing field and bring encryption export regulations more in line wih reality.

PRO-CODE (introduced by Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT))

PRO-CODE first announced publicly via telephone to Internet activists at the Sixth Annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference, aims to:

You can read the transcript of an online chat with Sen. Burns from America Online (5/6/96). The Pro-CODE bill is discussed.

S.1587 (introduced by Senator Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT))

S.1587 was jointly introduced by Senators Leahy (D-VT), Burns (R-MT), Dole (R-KS), Pressler (R-SD), and Murray (D-WA). Senator Leahy, a long time friend of the net, penned a bill that aims to: There are analyses of S.1587 from CDT, EFF, EPIC, and VTW. Letters in support of the Leahy bill from cryptowolfgraphers Matt Blaze and Bruce Schneier were entered into the Congressional Record upon introduction of the bill.

H.R. 3011 (introduced by Representative Robert F. Goodlatte (R-VA))

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