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Click here to adopt your legislator!

What does it mean to adopt my legislator?

We have begun a new, innovative program called "Adopt Your Legislator". Traditional grass roots Internet organizing focused on getting email alerts out to as many people as possible before big votes. Then, large contingencies of voters would call as many legislators as possible.

While we'll continue to do this, we want to focus on creating lists of Internet-concerned citizens that we can mobilize to contact a legislator who are all constituents of that legislator.

Not only will this allow us to focus constituent support on a particular issue, but it will also allow us to let you know anytime your legislator sponsors a bill, votes on an issue, or makes a speech you should know about.

To do this, we need to associate you with your legislator. We do this in three easy steps, and it assumes you know who your legislator is.

  • Step 1: We ask you to tell us what state you live in.
  • Step 2: Using your state, we provide you with a list of legislators in that state to choose from. This tells us your Congressional district.
  • Step 3: We ask you for some information that allows us to contact you in the future. Our privacy policy on the use of this information is also contained here.
We'd love for you to participate in this new experiment in online political organizing.

Click here to adopt your legislator!

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